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Mixed Technique on water color paper and Canvas

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The Artist

Known as “Lalav”, young Esmeralda Villarroel start her passion for art and her career as young as 4 years old. In her pre-school projects she always chose to be an artist and like to get dressed as an Italian painter, painting the Eiffel Tower in Paris. At 5 years old, she participated in a painting contest on a local Toy Store and was on the final best three.

At 6, on July 24, 2012 she participates in MACZUL (Contemporary Art Museum on Zulia, Venezuela) in a contest for children 6 to 12 and achieves the 3rd place in a national contest competing with other 70 paintings.
Next year, on October 22nd, 2013 she participates again in MACZUL winning the first place over 23 paintings from every region in Venezuela, obtaining as a prize her first professional painting course.

She was always a self-learner, investigating continuously about art arises her interest on recycling and wheat paste. She was attracted to the words “Junk Art” for a British artist called Jane Perkins that employs used objects and jewels to craft her artwork. Because of her good work in a painting course at MACZUL on recycling, she is allowed to present her first exposition at the MACZUL facilities on November 7th, 2014

On April 21st, 2017 she competes on a young talent’s art contest for teenagers from 11to 17 at the Museum of Contemporary Art and wins the Honorific Mention between 87 participating artworks from different schools in the state.

In 2018 she makes several sculptures recycling toys and studies geometry to use it on her first geometrical bidimensional works.
At 14, she has more than 75 different pieces of art between bidimensional and tridimensional. She is still working and investigating the POP ART style.

On July 3rd, 2020 she makes her first virtual exposition (due to the pandemics), with 10 pieces. It was named “The Transfiguration of Beauty” at Centro de Bella Artes, Ateneo, Maracaibo, Venezuela.

On October 24th, 2020 she makes her second virtual exposition but her fist collective exposition at the CEVAZ named “EN FEMENINO” with 5 bidimensional artworks based on recycled cardboard.
She is still developing in the art world, now entering the digital arts and the benefits of blockchain trough NFT’s.

NFT Art Museum

Lima, Peru